Gigabit Off-Road



Gigabit Off-Road

Drive around open worlds filled with challenges, customize your own vehicles, and find all the collectibles. This game is built on a free to play system that is aimed on letting the player choose how they want to play. NO wait time for parts. NO wait time to continue playing. Play how you want!

Gameplay Features

  • Realistic traction model
  • Full Winch system
  • 13 camera options
  • Multiple Control options
  • Graphics options
  • 2wd – 4wd
  • Differental lockers
  • High and low gears
  • Functional map


  • 5 maps
  • 1 square mile in size
  • 50+ challenges per level
  • 50 collectibles per level


  • 13 different vehicles


  • Performance
  • Traction
  • Brakes


  • 13 Tires
  • 13 Wheels
  • Huge list of parts – bumper to bumper
  • Custom suspension heights and widths
  • Custom Tire heights and widths
  • Custom Wheel Sizes
  • Leaf / 4Link / IFS suspensions
  • Spring and Dampening adjustments
  • Change colors of almost every part of the vehicle

Future Updates

  • Multiplayer
  • Snow
  • Different styles of challenges
  • More Trucks
  • More Worlds

Its your world, your game, your truck, you decide.



  1. Harout Ohanesian says:

    just wondering what Bluetooth controller works for this game

  2. Chance says:

    Love this game!! Can’t wait for multiplayer!! Got all my friends playing!

  3. Landin says:

    Do you think if you put in a daily reward cause it’s very hard to make cash

  4. Razi says:

    When the update came?

  5. Jordan says:

    Update anytime soon ?

  6. Jordan says:

    Update anytime soon ? Just wondering if you guys was sill working on it.

  7. MC Sai says:

    I’m waiting for multiplayer for iPhone

  8. Jerry says:

    I wish the new diesel truck was louder and how can I get multiplayer like how or where do I purchase it

  9. Justin says:

    How do u put in the money cheat??

  10. Dan says:

    Will u have more diesels soon I love the cummins so much I spent 5$ on the game I will pay another 5$ for more Diesel trucks

  11. Dan says:

    Diesel motor swaps for the other vehicles would be amazing also like for the jeep and Toyota please

  12. Devin says:

    So I went to open the game today and the maps were all black! So I Uninstalled because nothing else would work. I reinstalled and the maps are all normal again but now I lost everything I purchased and built which was well over 10 dollars in credits. I would really like to get my credits back at the least to build trucks up again….anything please….

  13. Nicholas says:

    How often does the game get updated?

  14. Brandon says:

    I need help up date my app saids its up dated to the new version but its not I payed my friends app and it’s different then mine is can u help and the NE version 1.15 and mines 1.05

  15. is there a multiplayer yet or money mods

  16. Corey renwick says:

    When will the multiplayer update be coming and you should add night too since we have light bars

  17. can you maby add air bags

  18. Tanner says:

    How do I get back my trucks?

  19. Chris harden says:

    When are new mods coming out.

  20. Michael says:

    I would really like to play this game on windows 10. I know you ran it on windows 10 because I watch Tomcat’s preview of the update. Please release it on the windows store so people with tablets with windows 10 can run the game I have a surface pro 3 that would awesome to play this game

  21. Tanner Smith says:

    Can you make it to where you can get stuck in the mud? And can you make a nighttime update so the lights can work?

  22. Mason Moore says:

    what day dose the updata with the 6 door dodge and the rock crawler come out.

  23. how do i play it on my computer

  24. Quincy sloan says:

    Do you guys have an estimated time of when multi player?

  25. Alex Ludlow says:

    Can you give me a date around the time when the update will be released?

  26. tyler says:

    hi I seen on tomcats recent youtube video he was playing gigabit offroad on the computer just wondering how he does that

  27. BURNOUT DRIVER1 says:

    I love that you added the square body chevy a and I really like what you have planned for the future of the game. I do have a complaint/idea, I have completed all the challenges on 3 of the 4 maps, I am running out of ways to earn money that I am saving up for the next update. Since when you complete a challenge it will let you do it again but with a deduction on how much you earn, what if when you complete all the challenges on a map it lets you get full pay again for completing it, also a duramax would be a nice addition

    • BURNOUT DRIVER1 says:

      I forgot to add that it would be nice for when you get the monster truck suspension setup for you to be able to have 4wheel steering because I find it hard to turn in my truck with maxed out tire size, maxed suspension size and that suspension setup

  28. When will the next update be ready?

  29. kingsten castillo says:

    on your pictures of the game it shows the blue truck with the suspension painted red but you can’t paint you suspension in the actual game. whats up with that?

  30. kingsten castillo says:

    it also shows the green jeep in the air and you can obviously see the red springs. but you can’t to that in the game

  31. Ethan Stock says:

    When is the new update coming out a weak or something

  32. Ben Mann says:

    Yall i just gotta say this game is great but when the heck are the updates comming

  33. Dustin says:

    You need to make a dully Ford F-350 it would bring life to the game

  34. Is multiplayer coming anytime soon?

  35. Axel says:

    You guys should have tug of wars in multiplayer mode! That would be awesome!

  36. Logan says:

    Y’all need to make a new make asap or get the multiplayer up and running game starting to get boring

  37. Garrett Alward says:

    You should add like trailers and stuff to haul your crawlers around and instead of driving them everywhere

  38. nick says:

    love this game, wondering if there going to be an update to bring more diesels to the game?

  39. Fred says:

    You guys need to bring some more fords in the game. (obs 7.3 maybe…) and when’s the next update??? Been waiting for awhile now. Games starting to get boring. And multiplayer… what’s the story on that?

    • Zak bailey says:

      When is the new update going to be? and you guys should make it where you can play on line so that way we can make 4×4 off road clumds and you giy should make where you can put pics on the truck one more this make all the map but map 4 go from Day and night so that way we can us the lights and shit
      And when are we going to have multiplayer?

  40. Chris Walker says:

    Hi, I really like your game but when I try to play it my whole layout for the terrain and everything is nothing but black and I can’t see a thing. I really don’t want to have reinstall it seeing as how I just spent 4.99 to buy a bunch of credits. How can I fix this??? Please help!

  41. Dylan says:

    I hope when the new update comes u can use the light bars

  42. Dylan says:

    And me and my friends would like to know when the update is coming

  43. Jacob says:

    I’ve spent $32 on this game and my phone has been reset, And I lost everything. I would love to have all that credit back.

  44. JAVIER says:

    I love the game I have every thing. I also can’t wait for muiltiplayer

  45. Josh says:

    I’m having trouble purchasing credits

  46. Tayson says:

    Want the new update waiting this game is awesome it’s fun

  47. Tayson says:

    Want the new update waiting this game is awesome it’s fun

  48. Zeb says:

    When is the next update coming out and can u all think about adding exaust the come out behind the rear tire that blows smoke for the cummins that would make it real cool and maby a forest map with mud trails??? Those are just suggestions and I rely like the game and keep it up 👍

  49. Grant says:

    Can you please add deep dish/deep lip rims

  50. Parker Riley says:

    Can you add a 1997 dodge cummins 2500 extend cab 8foot bed diesel

  51. LargeDuck08 says:

    Can you add cheat codes and snorkels and fishing rod holders and engine swaps and trailers

  52. Can u lower the prices and make it easier to earn money?

  53. Dustin says:

    When is the brand new update coming out

  54. Can you add snorkels, engine swaps and trailers please i have played for two years and got my friends playing it

  55. Is there a way to save all of your info and vehicles? I just got a new phone and when I sign in on the new phone its starting back at the begining. I hate the ideo of loosing everything including $$ just because I got a new phone

  56. Jaydon says:

    I accidentally deleted the game and I lost all my trucks is there a way to get them back

  57. Zak bailey says:

    I lose all of my shit when I got the update

  58. Tanner Smith says:

    Can you add an atv, a side by side, and nighttime mode in the next update? Please

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