Gigabit Off-Road

  Gigabit Off-Road Drive around open worlds filled with challenges, customize your own vehicles, and find all the collectibles. This game is built on a free to play system that is aimed on letting the player choose how they want to play. NO wait time for parts. NO wait time to continue playing. Play how you want! Gameplay Features Realistic traction model Full Winch system 13 camera options Multiple Control options Graphics options 2wd – 4wd Differental lockers High and low gears Functional map Levels 5 maps 1 square mile in size 50+ challenges per level 50 collectibles per level Trucks 13 different vehicles Upgrades Performance Traction Brakes Customization 13 Tires 13 Wheels Huge list of parts – bumper to bumper Custom suspension heights and … Continue reading Gigabit Off-Road