Bye bye 2016… Hello 2017

Wow…2016, we love you but you were cruel at times. Since the last update in May we have been fighting game breaking bugs, a hurricane, hardware failures, and software issues. Also, we attempted to bring some others in to the fold on the programming side but that didn’t work out. On top of everything game related, we had a new baby come into this world and a marriage. Yes, we are human and have families and normal lives like the rest of you. We are not robots that code 24/7…we wish 😀

Well, 6 months later we have a completely renovated game. We changed 80% of what was already there to make it work, and work smoothly. With that much effort we could have started another game and nearly completed it. However, we are determined to finish this game before starting another. Gigabit’s goal has always been to make a game that “WE” want to play. We don’t want a broken game, nor do we intend to ever release one, but no game is 100% without flaws and we will always do our best to keep ours to a minimum.

To Android users: We have tried to make progress on a saving system. At this point in the life of the game, it can be more problematic than helpful, in a “worst case scenario” it could force EVERYONE on Android to start over. We will be continuing to offer our exchange service through 2017 at by “Jake from Statefarm”.

To the fans: You guys make it that much more worth it in the end. The amount of creativity with the edits, posts, and ideas make this a great community. Let’s keep it growing! We all have a common interest and it’s hard to find that in this world, and with that said; thank you all for your patience, support and feedback that has helped shape this game into what it is today.

Going into 2017, we plan to finish this game. We’re going to add a tube buggy, Ultra4 truck, and possibly some others. Also, an ORV park with trees, mud, and maybe another one if time allows. We will be polishing what is currently there and, when we feel like the game is complete, we will be moving on to another game. We plan to stay in the racing/motorsport genre on mobile for the next few years with some possible dabbling in the PC/Steam market. Consoles are not going to happen.

We have been using an old version of Unity and we are ready and excited to move up to Unity 5. This means better graphics, physics, cameras, user interface, multiplayer, and more. The next game will no longer support 5-year-old phones. The next game will only support more current devices.

Who is ready for Gigabit Off-Road 2 in 5 years??? 😉

Thank you to everyone that has supported our dream game! We hope you enjoy the final updates of 2017 and continue to be a Giganut for the future games.

-Wes and Patrick

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