Coast to Cgoats

Until an update is released, you can’t really see all of the work we have been doing and so we’d like to try to keep you all informed of our latest happenings as well as our progress on the game.
Wes moved to Colorado and I moved elsewhere in South Carolina.


I got to go back to Alaska (our stomping grounds) to see some family & friends and to RC crawl the first rocks that got me hooked. Without those rocks, this game may have never come to be and I would likely be managing a Gamestop in my hometown.


As soon as I got back home it was time to gear up for Axialfest. I had 8 days to pack up #GoatForceOne and build RCs for the event.


Wes came to SC to make the drive and we towed his Miata back to Denver for him so he can Rally-X it. Dropped off the Miata and we were back on the road to California!

IMG_1591 IMG_1575IMG_1572 IMG_1571

Then we remembered that Moab isn’t too far away and we quickly rerouted. Got to hit Hell’s Revenge and THEN we got back on the road and drove through the night to arrive in Reno where we picked up an RV and headed to Cisco Grove for Axialfest.

IMG_1721 IMG_1621 IMG_1610 IMG_1605 IMG_1734IMG_1613

We finally made it! We got to meet so many awesome fans! We also got loads of inspiration from the trails that were built out there too!

IMG_1931 IMG_1916

Now completely exhausted, we headed back to Colorado and dropped off #Goat ForceOne and caught a plane home.


I’m home now and I am getting my new office set up for an efficient work flow and I think you know what that means…UPDATE!

I know you are all wondering “when?” and that depends on the bugs we find. Wes is about 95% done with a secret feature that I’m sure that most of you will love to have as well. We will do a live stream again in the near future so make sure to follow our Facebook page and stay tuned for more information!

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