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Coast to Cgoats

Until an update is released, you can’t really see all of the work we have been doing and so we’d like to try to keep you all informed of our latest happenings as well as our progress on the game. Wes moved to Colorado and I moved elsewhere in South Carolina. I got to go back to Alaska (our stomping grounds) to see some family & friends and to RC crawl the first rocks that got me hooked. Without those rocks, this game may have never come to be and I would likely be managing a Gamestop in my hometown. As soon as I got back home it was time to gear up for Axialfest. I had 8 days to pack up #GoatForceOne and build... Read more →

Bye bye 2016… Hello 2017

Wow…2016, we love you but you were cruel at times. Since the last update in May we have been fighting game breaking bugs, a hurricane, hardware failures, and software issues. Also, we attempted to bring some others in to the fold on the programming side but that didn’t work out. On top of everything game related, we had a new baby come into this world and a marriage. Yes, we are human and have families and normal lives like the rest of you. We are not robots that code 24/7…we wish 😀 Well, 6 months later we have a completely renovated game. We changed 80% of what was already there to make it work, and work smoothly. With that much effort we could have started... Read more →

Long road

It seems like Gigabit Off-Road was just released yesterday. Here are some current stats of the game. 3,153,392 Users 33,123,477 Sessions 00:08:32 Average play time 30,000+ Daily active users Most popular device (iPhone 6) 227 Different territories/countries 33% of the players are 25-34 years old Total time in Challenges 1162080:54:55 with 6,196,760 attempts Total time in Races 615030:48:37 with 5,026,212 attempts Total cones hit 13,682,106 Total Goats found 5,371,694 We are still working on the game to bring you more content and features. Multiplayer is much more complicated than we anticipated for the way it needs to work. The next level will have a tube buggy and trees + mud trails and holes. We hope to have this stuff done and out bug free by the end of the year. Read more →

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